Sweet dreams?

First off, I've finally taken one of our digital cameras on the boat, so after this post, most of the pics will hopefully be from it, not my phone...  I'm not brave enough to take the DSLR onboard yet, but I'll work up to it.  You know those annoying people that seem to spend more time taking pics of doing stuff than actually doing the stuff? Yeah, I might be one of those people...  The pic content will both improve and increase in short time.  I promise.

Anyway.  Here's a little project I took on this week - the one I was whining about here a while back.  I am a light sleeper in even the best of circumstances.  When you throw me on a boat with 11 year old 3" thick bed cushions, I'm no happy camper.  After last weekend's lack of sleep - on both our parts, and he'd sleep through a hurricane if I let him - I knew it was time to do something.

 I swear I got a bruise on my hip just from sleeping on this torture device

I did a little measuring and online research then headed off to the local Sam's Club to pick up this beauty.  It's not only supposed to add a layer of foam, but it claims that it's a "cooling" foam.  We both hate being hot when we sleep, so this is definitely an option I liked!

I was not very impressed with this.

And when I saw it out of the box I was even LESS impressed.

I had to unroll it and let it "expand fully".  It was smelly - a little chemically.
I have to say, even after it was expanded, I was still not impressed.

I wanted to do a test run on the sucker before I cut it to fit.  We anchored out Friday night - but for reasons unrelated to the bedding we could NOT sleep.  We headed back to the dock on Saturday and plugged in our A/C shore power - and Voila!  11hrs of sleep!  It. Is. Magical.  I was even able to sleep on my stomach.  I haven't slept on my stomach since April 2012.  It was that fabulous.

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