Maiden Voyage!

Loaded up Saturday morning and took Luna out for our first solo voyage!  Gotta say we've been intimidated about getting her out of the slip and  - well, back into the the slip.  She's huge.  At lease she feels huge compared to the 18' bow rider we're used to handling.  But after today, she feels a lot more manageable.

We headed out of the marina and practiced using the genoa.  We tacked back and forth, moving the genoa from starboard to port and back again.  We also both played around with moving in and out of the wind.  At one point, while the genoa was flopping about in the wind a bit (we'd not "perfected" our technique at that point), the boat hook went overboard. Mark was pretty quick to get the boat around - but not before the hook weebled and wobbled and went under.  The next boat hook will be filled with expandable foam before stepping foot on the boat.

Not only did we successfully leave the dock - without playing bumper boats with all of our neighbors, but we sailed her.  Like - for real sailed her.  No motor.  Just the genoa and the wind.  I think I like this sailing thing.


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