So much STUFF!

After sleeping for 12hrs Wednesday night, we loaded up the wieners and headed to Luna Sea.  She's just a couple of miles from the condo.  We spent all day Thursday and part of Friday going through every.single.compartment.  The previous owners were meticulous.  We have all kinds of spares, custom fitted sheet sets (2) for each cabin, pots, pans, towels, tools.  You name it - short of food, and personal touches, she's set.  It was like Christmas everytime we moved on to another cabinet or cubby hole.

Molly and Libby have requested that we move the boat to a slip nearer to the grass.  We're almost the last boat in the furthest slip on the longest dock.  You can't get much further from the grass.  We'll have to talk to the marina manager Monday on their behalf...

A wee bit of footage from our ocean passage.  Surrounded by water!

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