Small Projects - round 1

A few of the projects we've each been working on:

Mark swapped out the old bronze bilge filter for a new one.  See that little leg on the right of the old filter (the one in his hand)?  Those should be all around the circle...  
Before Teak Oil treatment
After Teak Oil treatment
I've been removing "Pleiades" from everything to get ready for the Name Change ceremony.  

I changed all 3 propane tanks and the horseshoe life raft thingy.

Mark straightened out the smooshed metal thingys on the A/C - guess some charter folks got crazy  one night back in the boat's previous life...
He also caulked a gap that he discovered - this, along with some 3" foam insulation around the grate should make the unit so much more efficient!

I still need to remove the name on the stern and  bow, but at least she's no longer from England...  

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