Small Boat Projects - round 2

We spent Saturday and Sunday morning on Luna Sea and were able to knock a few more items off of the To Do list.

  1. Remember that dock fire?  Yeah, that one.  Mark picked up a new dock cord and replaced the main power line.  The line was originally hard wired all the way to the breaker box.  Instead of pulling out the entire cord, he chose to terminate it in the stern lazarette - like most boats are these days.  Now we can plug the new 50' power cord into the stern outlet.  Much more simple.
  2. The fwd and aft bunks were reinforced a bit.  The plywood had begun to sag a little in the middle and they needed some more screws.  Mark that one off the list, as well.
  3. Annnnnd - we de-named her!  A couple of friends came over and helped us drink champagne/pour champagne on the newly washed bow as we performed what is apparently the most common de-naming ceremony, per the always fabulous Google.  I've already ordered the new name/hailing port vinyl stickers, removed all the old stickers and Mark has sanded/buffed the hull in preparation for the new stickers.  When they get here, we'll all celebrate again during the Re-Naming ceremony.  This boat work is hard business.
We hung out on Luna this morning, and after a swim and some hull scrubbing we headed back to the condo.  Chantal is still determined that we've not had enough rain this week, so we won't be able to take Luna Sea out like we'd hoped.

Mark hopped in for a quick swim against the current while I bobbed around on my noodle and scrubbed the hull.

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