Marina Life - keepin' it real

We have been coming to the boat at the marina just about everyday. Sometimes just to check on her and make sure she's still floating (we closed that seacock, right?!), and other days for specific projects and to spend the night. It's an interesting world here in the marina...

If you are a People Watcher, this is where its at. A quiet afternoon lounging in the cockpit turns into a voyeuristic free for all. Random conversations, diy projects gone awry, characters stopping by to tell you how much better their dog is than yours
- it all happens here. Who needs a tv?
We have a slip toward the end of the very furthest dock.  Exercise is now built into every return trip to the car. If the dogs need to go pee,  its a mile hike to the first patch of grass (they better learn to go on the dock - just like Dog Lady's did, right by our boat...But I will be nice enough to hose it off.)
We have WiFi here in the marina. It just doesn't actually reach Luna Sea. I guess I need to find a good amplifier. In the meantime, I'm thankful for my 4g phone.  The owner of the marina tells me it should be fixed in a couple of weeks. I hope they get it working out here in the boonies. It's one of those Marina Ammenities we are paying for. If you know me, you know I'm a stickler for getting what I pay for. (aka Cheap)
The beds are hard and uncomfortable. We tried one of the aft cabins last night and its just as bad as the fwd cabin. Time to find some sort of mattress pad that I can fit to the tapered boat bunks. Mark mentioned that we are pretty spoiled by our fancy land bed. He's right. It will be hard to beat. In fact, that's one of the things I tried to find in a boat when we were shopping - a berth that could hold, or be modified to hold, our magical queen size bed. But compromises had to be made.
Yesterday I brought my fat noodle from water aerobics and hopped in to clean the hull above the water line. Mark tossed a bucket of soapy water over the side and tied off the rope so I could reach the bucket from the water. I also had a rope tied off that I could hold onto. The tide was booking on out and I had to hang on with one hand while I cleaned with the other. I came up with a bounce/kick/scrub combo that allowed me to reach all the way to the rub rail from the water. I may patent it. Or tell people its a new version of water aerobics and get them to clean the boat for me. Either way its a good workout. By the time I finished, the tide was so strong I couldn't swim to the swim deck. Had to ask a neighbor-dude to help me pull myself onto the dock. It was less than graceful and I have 2 new bruises to add to my growing collection.
Does all of this sound horrible and complain-y? Well, I am just telling it like it is, people. And as whiney as it sounds, we are loving every minute of it. Our neighbors are friendly, the dogs are getting way more exercise than they have in the last year of condo living. The rock hard beds are a project I'm looking forward to figuring out - and I can do some yoga on deck for my aching back in the meantime.
Now its time to lounge in the cockpit with my coffee, catch up on reading blogs that I follow and see what sort of crazy shenanigans are going on in the marina today. Happy Sunday!


  1. Sounds like a blast! I especially like the water aerobics..Lol.

    As far as the mattress issue...when it comes time, we're planning to actually have our (very nice) foam mattress cut to fit. I was told when we researched that, that as long as there's some ventilation underneath it, everything will be just fine. I hope that's true.


  2. I wish our fancy home mattress was foam, but it's not. That would've been amazing. Good luck with yours!


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