Does this boat make me look fat?

This pic is from a few weeks ago when I headed down to see the 393 for the first time.
Patience is a virtue, and I, my friends, am not virtuous. I've mellowed over the years, sure.  But Officially Patient?  I think not.  We had the survey/sea trial on Friday.  All went well - you know, if you don't count the dock fire, the drained batteries, the crazed windows, the cracks in the fiberglass under the floor, the seacocks that are not currently up to code, the screw that practically cut my pinkie finger off, yadda yadda yadda... ;)  It's Sunday.  We still haven't seen the report.  I suppose I can let it go - it IS Father's Day and a weekend after all.

Here we are - parked right next to a Lagoon 380!  One of our favorite cats - and what we were originally shopping for.

So how about that Survey?  As I said, I don't have the official report, but per our surveyor "it's really not too bad."  That's a relief.  (I sure hope his report is more detailed than that...)  But what about all that crap I listed in the 2nd paragraph?!?

  1. There's a screw in the lock on the interior side of the door in the fwd head that's not put in correctly.  It's kind of in at an angle.  When I grabbed the door to see if the lock worked, it immediately sliced my pinkie open.  Guess I need to take a screw driver on the next visit and whip that sucker into shape.  There's not been a real estate remodel that's not gotten at least a little bit of blood out of me, so why should our boat be any different?  (ps, how does that first sentence translate?  The inside of the door in the bathroom in the master bedroom...  Silly boat-speak.)
  2. Seacocks.  Apparently there are some regulations that have not been met underneath the head sinks. Too many connections = too many chances for water on board.  This will be remedied.
  3. Cracks in the fiberglass.  It's a fiberglass boat.  It flexes.  M. was a composite guru in a former life and has no issues with what he saw.  (neither did the surveyor)  He can repair/reinforce the area, and it will be better than new.  
  4. Crazed windows.  The windows on boats are Lexan and we've yet to be on a boat that didn't at least have a couple of windows that were full of crazing/tiny internal cracks.  The surveyor was fairly insistent that at least a few of them be replaced.  I'm all for new hatches.  I like to actually be able to see out my windows...  According to the surveyor, the issue comes in when a rogue wave crashes into the side of your boat and the cracked/weakened windows give - resulting in a really wet interior.  Not ideal on a boat.
  5. Drained batteries.  Not a big deal, really.  The boat was not plugged in when we got there for the survey.  They did charge during the sea trial, and per the surveyor, they were fine.  (waiting on the report to verify that)
  6. Dock Fire.  Yes, fire.  Saved the best for last.  The power cord that leads from the dock to the boat (there's one for regular power and one for A/C - this one was for A/C) had a cut in it.  Fortunately, the cut - and resulting sparks/flames/virtual EXPLOSION! (I exaggerate) - was in the part of the cord still on the dock.  The cord is hardwired to the A/C vs plugged into the stern (back of the boat, for you non-boat-peeps).  The damaged portion of the cord was cut off and we were able to carry on with the inspection.  However, that entire cord will be replaced before closing at the end of the month. 

Oopsie.  Just a little scorch mark.

We took the wieners to see the boat Saturday, before we headed back to Savannah.  You can see Molly peeking around from the cockpit.  Neither of them were too thrilled with the boat, but Molly did eventually venture out onto the deck and check things out.  We did not go below - the boat was locked and we just wanted a short introduction for the dogs.  We haven't figured out just how the tiny legged dachshunds are going to get up and down yet. I'm sure there will be a post on that - as soon as my genius craftsman/husband decides how he wants to go about it.  

The further we drove up A1A, the longer our to-do list got.  I hear that's pretty standard for boat owners - the never ending upgrades/adjustment/tweaks.  We even did some on our power boat.  But it's all about making her a home.  And we can't wait to get started!

Happy Father's Day everybody!

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  1. Awesome pics, all of them! :) Glad you had a happy Sunday. xoxo


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