The Big Day - Buying a Boat pt 2

It's almost here.  Tomorrow's the big day.  Per various emails this morning, I've been assured that we are all set to close tomorrow.  (fingers crossed...)

Steps this week:

1. Get told that your finance co. thinks there are too many hours on the engine and they will not finance the purchase (in spite of email received last week that the survey was good and financing was on board - you know, right before you signed the paper the prevented your 10% down from being returned to you.)
2. Panic.
3. Calm down and opt for second finance option - after arguing for a lower interest rate.
4. Wire more money to Broker to make up for newly lowered finance amt. (Yay for paying more to principal!)
5. Have all broker's paperwork redone in order to state correct finance price...
6. Scramble to find a notary that is available after 5pm, sign and overnight financial paperwork.
7. Get reminded by your new insurance co. that someone had a speeding ticket last Fall and your premium will now increase significantly... Suck it up and pay.  (you'll do that a lot in this process!)  It was still the lowest ins option.
8. Find a fabulous yacht delivery captain/sailing instructor - who is so thorough as to call your Broker and find out if the new boat has a Whisker Pole on it and then shop around and find an appropriate pole for  you.   Suck it up and pay the $400.
9. Google Whisker Pole.
10. Wait and see if it really closes tomorrow as promised!

I still have most of my hair.  I can't promise I won't pull it out before tomorrow.  I'm tempted to turn off my phone.  Every phone call I answer is costing us more money!  Welcome to Boat Ownership, right?

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  1. You better keep that hair on your head - you'll need it for tousling in the sea wind as you ride along in your new fabulous boat!


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