I may be bald soon.

But that's ok, right? - because it's hot in all the places we want to cruise.

I'm going to pull all of my hair out.  We are in the home stretch of closing on the 393 (Friday!).  Of course things come up.  The bank we were originally going thru doesn't like the high hours on the engine.  I understand.  But the current/soontobeprevious owners appear to have been meticulous about maintenance, so we're not worried. But They are.  So now we're going with bank #2.  (heh heh, number two)  A tiny touch higher interest rate, but still under 5%.  But the stress of all of this is making me want to pull my hair out.  Or clean.  I think cleaning may be more productive...


On the upside - we've found a local captain that's also a sailing instructor!  We are so excited to have found someone that is highly recommended as both a delivery captain and an instructor.  We plan to learn as much as possible on next week's 4 day delivery!  Weeeeeee!

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  1. Things are looking up! You're almost there!


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