I'm addicted to e-books.  Not just any e-books, but sell-everything-you-own-buy-a-boat-and-just-get-out-there e-books.

I've been following lots of blogs over the last year or two - it started right after we decided that talking about living on a boat is fun, but actually LIVING on a boat would be sowaycooler.

I've read Bumfuzzle, A Sail of Two Idiots, Happier than a Billionaire (ok, that one's not about sailors, but still pick up and leave the rat race - and hilarious!) - and so many more.

Just had a referral for Embarrassment of Mangoes - and plan to start that today on the drive down to check out the Beneteau.  Know of any other good ones?  Did YOU write one?  I'm happy to contribute to the sailing kitty, as long as I get a laugh out of the deal.

Happy Sailing!

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