What about my SUP?!

We're still in the planning stages of living on a boat.  And with all this time on my hands before we leave for FL tomorrow - for Friday's inspection and sea trial (!), I'm wondering what the heck we're going to do about our SUP's.

Nothing better than starting the day with a paddle

If you're not familiar, a SUP is a Stand Up Paddle board.  We currently have 2 - a Walden and a Naish. One is hefty, long and wide - perfect for throwing down some down dog and single leg balances.  The other - the Naish, is better built for turning/surfing, as it's shorter, but it's also slower.  Regardless - we love both!  They both have their advantages.

Here's M. heading out on a Christmas paddle

The disadvantage?  They are rigid, huge boards.  Are we going to be able to put them on the boat?  It's a 39 footer, but there is currently no dinghy, and only so much deck space.  That's led me to inflatables.  I'm digging in and doing some research.  These suckers are just as they sound - inflatable.  So when you deflate them, they roll up and go into their own storage bags.  Much better for stowing away on a boat.  And at anchor, I image we'd blow them up and just tie them off the swim deck for easy access.

Do any of you have experience with inflatable SUP's?  I'd love some recommendations.  This is absolutely one toy we're not leaving our land home without!

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