Haul Out 2013

Here's the haul out during the survey on the Beneteau 393.  Finally time to start adding more cool pics to the blog!

 Here she is after she was navigated thru the marina to the lift - apparently the Banana River is a little low right now and her 6'2" draft was not helpful.  She's stuck in the mud.  

They finally got her un-stuck and lifted.
 Then rolled her over to the inspection sight so the hull, keel, rudder, prop etc could be inspected.
Good idea of her size in these pics of us walking below her.  Our last boat was 18'... and didn't have a mast.
 Our first sail!  She didn't sink.  I'll take that as a good sign.

We finally signed and returned the Acceptance of Vessel form last night.  Now we're just waiting until the closing date and she's officially ours!  (what have we done?)

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